Spacious and surrounded by natural bushland Calmsley Hill City Farm provides the unique balance between native animals and a working farm environment that you are searching for, right on the edge of suburban Sydney and conveniently located on the route out to the Blue Mountains wilderness region.

On entry to the farm a handler will bring a Koala to you for an exclusive photo opportunity for NO extra fee while you enjoy a delicious morning tea. Calmsley Hill City Farm includes Australia’s best-known native animals. After meeting a Koala, you can sidle up to free range Kangaroos, Wallabies & Emus.

This new attraction will be included in our Blue Mountains Deluxe Day, Blue Mountains Hiking, Blue Mountains Wildlife & Blue Mountains Luxury Charter products.

Book now for a taste of Aussie farming life and wildlife so close to Sydney at Calmsley Hill Fam.

Here are some images and a video of this unique attraction…

Wallaby kiss Kangaroo Koala chest Wallaby petting Koala petting  Lizard petting

Calmsley outdoor tables  Koala & keeper


Koala in tree

When visiting Sydney there’s 2 iconic structures that you can’t leave without seeing, shooting & being shot in front of. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to not see them or snap a picture of them while you are here.

We are talking of course about the money shot of The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. When you see them together in a photographic frame it’s as if they were always there and were put there for aesthetic photographic symmetry.

Yet, when you break it down these two structures represent such different eras and ideas in design and construction. The bridge from an industrial era of steel & stone works and hardworking labourers painstakingly slotting it all together. Rigid but magnificently grand Sydney-siders affectionately know it as the Coat-Hanger.

The opera house represents the limits of the combination of architectural engineering and abstract design and you would be hard pressed to find a building constructed after it that attracts so much attention. Thanks must go to Danish architect Jørn Utzon for his abstract forethought and serendipitous experimentation – it is said he was inspired by segments of a cut orange peel, we Sydney-siders call them the Opera house ‘sails’ in an attempt to portray that he was actually thinking of sailing boats on our harbour.

The other concept one needs to grasp is that as well as being aesthetically pleasing to view and photograph, both the Bridge and the Opera House are massively important to the beating heart of Sydney transportation and arts culture respectively. If we didn’t have them Sydney would feel naked and deformed.

AEA Luxury Tours run a morning and afternoon small group tour called Panoramic Sydney Sights and the Bridge and the Opera House play a starring role as we move to different vantage points around the harbour allowing you to take short walks to enjoy and photograph these 2 icons, amongst other iconic elements of Sydney. We’ll happily drop you off near the Bridgeclimb office or the Opera House if you wish to get more up close and personal with the money shot icons.

On a private tour called Sydney City Luxury Charter (half day or full day) we can get you to even more angles to view, to shoot and be photographed in front of. These experiences also include a drive over the Sydney Harbour bridge to the Northern suburbs. Seeing the icons from the north shore of Sydney adds a whole new  wonderful perspective.

Following are just a few examples of the money shots taken while out on tour with gleeful visitors soaking in the glory and making the Sydney money shot dream a reality. We welcome you to join us in Sydney for a luxury small group tour or private tour to let us make it a reality for you too.

A recent report from our senior guide Lindsay…..

What a wonderful and warm family the Boris party was for their private touring to the Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains on 27 and 28 April 2018.

Day 1 – Hunter Valley

The visit to the Reptile Park was fabulous. They loved it! The kangaroos were hungry!

They felt it was one of the best parks they have been to saying it was wonderful to combine wildlife with a wine tour and their 21 year old really enjoyed the experience.

They loved Pepper Tree Wines – a wonderful setting with excellent wines. Next, Leogate winery pulled out all the stops and attention to detail was perfect. The birthday cake they prepared for Mrs Boris was fantastic.
We sang Happy Birthday (probably out of tune!) It was a great experience for them.

On Friday night I rang the Merivale group that own Fred’s restaurant to wish Mrs Boris a Happy Birthday. The reception said the booking had been cancelled. I thought that’s odd and maybe they chose another restaurant.

Next day they said that the Lunch and Birthday cake at Leogate was so filling and fantastic that they couldn’t eat anymore!

Day 2 – Blue Mountains.

We covered all lookouts in the lower mountains. This even included the only Beach in the Blue Mountains, a very pretty spot since the rest of the Mountains very foggy. They really enjoyed the very professional Aboriginal Show and loved lunch at Echoes restaurant.

Govetts Leap was foggy when we arrived but I suggested we wait a few minutes and it might clear! Well as luck would have it, it did. Just that little window of opportunity, it opened up then closed again.

We had Champagne at Mt Banks. All clear and perfect. As we left it started to rain and the weather closed in. We were very lucky weather-wise.

Great 2 days with a great family.