This grand and historic hotel in the town of Medlow Bath has been the venue for many a family holiday, wedding, honeymoon and has also been a sneaky sojourn for Sydney residents and international visitors escaping the Sydney city hustle-bustle to enjoy the splendid Blue Mountains atmosphere.

Originally opened by Mark Foy in 1904, as a health retreat for well-heeled Sydney-siders, it has evolved into a sprawling and lavish cliff-edge property that has ridden the ups and downs of economic booms and busts.

Foy was a retailer who ran department stores in Sydney who saw an opportunity to expand his retailing empire by building the leisure facility in the Blue Mountains region that he loved so much to visit.

Strategically building the property next to the main road and the train line that would carry settlers and holiday makers across the Blue Mountains from the mid-1800s, through the heyday of domestic touring in the pre depression of the 1900s, Foy adapted the offerings to the clientele and their desires as a young country started to realise an identity. He would often have lavish costume parties and was one of the first people in Australia to import and drive motor-vehicles, which he would use for touring around the property for his distinguished guests.
Famously, the property was used during World War II as a hospital for soldiers and was the location of the death of Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton.

When Foy faded out of the retailing and leisure industries the property passed through to his family and later would change hands multiple times to finally be closed for some time during 2008-2014.

While closed the property fell into a sad and forgotten condition but was revitalised with a $30 million facelift by The Escarpment Group, run by hotelier and financier Huong Nguyen.
AEA luxury Tours are proud to have engaged with the Escarpment Group shortly after the property reopened so that guests joining our Blue Mountains tour products could experience the glory of the revitalised and historic property.

For our Blue Mountains Deluxe Day product a superb lunch is offered at the Boilerhouse Café (the wonderfully adapted original powerhouse of the resort) on the Hydro Majestic property or guests can opt for the Blue Mountains Hiking product with a delicious packed picnic lunch prepared by the team at the Hydro Majestic kitchen.

Another option offered by AEA is to visit another venue in The Escarpment Group’s stable – Echoes Restaurant and Bar for dining as part of our Blue Mountains Luxury Private Charter. No matter which option you choose, you will be sure to be amazed by the properties and feel welcomed by their fabulous staff.