After just coming through one of the most severe summer seasons that saw drought leading to bushfires burning all around Australia and particularly in our most popular touring destination – Blue Mountains – which is bursting back to life:


We at AEA Luxury Tours now optimistically rise to a new challenge – the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This virus is unparalleled for AEA luxury Tours because the vast majority of guests that we carry come from foreign shores. And, as of Sunday 16 March 2020 our federal government, with good reason, shut the doors to foreign visitors getting out and about in Australia.

Since Sunday we have already seen a cascade of cancellations and we are acting reasonably to cancel bookings without fees in the hope that once the travel bans are lifted people will re-book from foreign shores to see spectacular Sydney and its surrounds.

Since the bushfires of 2019/20 our state tourism body – Destination New South Wales  – has been promoting the idea of staying local and booking a getaway that gives back to drought and bushfire affected regional communities. Now, with the impact of the virus, it’s more important than ever to stay local and support local businesses.

AEA Luxury Tours are well equipped to assist you in giving that support. We have a shiny fleet of  super comfortable vehicles and a learned team of guides ready to roll if you or someone you know wants to get out and about.

Please see our local product offerings or make a request for custom touring

by phoning:  02 9971 2402

or email:  info@localhost/aea/

and we will happily put a tour package together for you.

Happy (local) Travels

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