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If you have ever spent time away from Australia in a foreign country you should know about the joy of travelling. Travelling educates, entertains and alleviates stress built up in the mind due to that feeling of ‘getting away from it all’. Here’s evidence from the US to prove it . Travelling is also a chance to reunite with family friends that you may or may not have met face to face – a video call is nowhere near as powerful as an embrace and the chance to absorb the aroma of that fond family member or friend.

Australians really love travelling. Anywhere you go in the world you come across some other Australians. Being a nation founded on immigration and still very much fed by immigration – around about a third of us were born elsewhere than Australia – we seem to like to go back to our ancestral roots and have a poke around.  

We like to see where we came from, learn what others think of us, see ourselves in the people on these foreign shores and understand why our ancestors left those foreign shores to make a new life in the ‘lucky country’ of Australia. Also is the desire to see completely new places, disconnected from our ancestral identity, and understand those rich cultures to compare with our relatively cringe-worthy lack of culture – seeing that we are such a young nation.

However, it takes a long time for us to get anywhere else in the world due to our geographical isolation ‘down under’. So you’ll often hear Australians say: “Since we are so far away from everywhere else we may as well make a trip of it”. Yet, how can we afford the expense and time to ‘make a trip of it’ in such abundance as we do?

To answer that you have to look at some statistics. Australians are wealthy people when compared against our fellow wealthy western nations and we are also generally wealthy in terms of time and education. Most Australians have a generous four weeks of paid leave if a full-time worker and additionally there are eight national holidays to use up for gallivanting the world.

We are in the top ten of global nations when ranked for educational attainment so Australians can relatively easily transfer their skills to become expatriates for stints of time in other nations. Now, Australian expats don’t waste their weekends sitting on the couch at home while living on foreign shores, they get out and about – using their time in foreign nations to absorb the environment.


A spanner has been thrown in the works of Australian traveller joy. The current world-wide Covid-19 crisis has closed the opportunity of Australians to go to foreign shores, which we so love to do. Our government has banned all overseas travel unless travellers have a justified reason to seek exemption.

Additionally – for the first time in most of our lives – Australian state border controls are in place. It’s very hard for Aussies to accept state border restrictions being in place, thwarting any ideas of a weekend trip to Melbourne or a bit of sunshine on the QLD Sunny coast.

Expatriates have had the pain also, whereby they have been steadily returning back to Australia to escape economic calamity on foreign shores, to reunite with family and be safe in the support of our world-class public health system, but are locked up in quarantine and also restricted within states.

So where to next for the travelling Aussie? As of August 2020 your options are to ‘make the most of it’ and see your own state – your own backyard.

As a touring company based out of Sydney we’ve ridden waves of tour interest from Aussie travellers in the past, but in more recent years we’ve been serving the wanderlust of visitors from foreign shores to see Sydney and NSW surrounds, with our learned guides at the wheels of comfortable luxury vehicles.

But with doors closed to foreign visitors we are again ready to serve you our Aussie friends and families for private touring adventures closer to home, to realise why we have it so good here, with an Australian Discovery.

We take all the pain points of travel away by making the logistical plans and itineraries, doing the driving, providing insight and anecdotes and getting you fed and sheltered at some of the best places on offer in some of the most attractive locations on offer. Our intention is make it easy to get out and experience the joy of travel – albeit closer to home.

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