A recent report from our senior guide Lindsay…..

What a wonderful and warm family the Boris party was for their private touring to the Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains on 27 and 28 April 2018.

Day 1 – Hunter Valley

The visit to the Reptile Park was fabulous. They loved it! The kangaroos were hungry!

They felt it was one of the best parks they have been to saying it was wonderful to combine wildlife with a wine tour and their 21 year old really enjoyed the experience.

They loved Pepper Tree Wines – a wonderful setting with excellent wines. Next, Leogate winery pulled out all the stops and attention to detail was perfect. The birthday cake they prepared for Mrs Boris was fantastic.
We sang Happy Birthday (probably out of tune!) It was a great experience for them.

On Friday night I rang the Merivale group that own Fred’s restaurant to wish Mrs Boris a Happy Birthday. The reception said the booking had been cancelled. I thought that’s odd and maybe they chose another restaurant.

Next day they said that the Lunch and Birthday cake at Leogate was so filling and fantastic that they couldn’t eat anymore!

Day 2 – Blue Mountains.

We covered all lookouts in the lower mountains. This even included the only Beach in the Blue Mountains, a very pretty spot since the rest of the Mountains very foggy. They really enjoyed the very professional Aboriginal Show and loved lunch at Echoes restaurant.

Govetts Leap was foggy when we arrived but I suggested we wait a few minutes and it might clear! Well as luck would have it, it did. Just that little window of opportunity, it opened up then closed again.

We had Champagne at Mt Banks. All clear and perfect. As we left it started to rain and the weather closed in. We were very lucky weather-wise.

Great 2 days with a great family.


We’ve been running our new Blue Mountains itinerary for a few weeks now.

Here’s some recent images out on the the tour captured by Guides Lindsay, Matilda and Scott….


This new itinerary sees us no longer stop at Featherdale Wildlife park but instead head direct to the Blue Mountains national park, with the first stop being Euroka clearing.

Euroka is a splendid natural clearing in the lower Blue Mountains with abundant bird life, and sometimes we see wild Kangaroos.

Near Euroka is the Tunnel View and Portal lookouts.

In the afternoon we head down in to Hartley Vale, a valley that time forgot on the western side of the Blue Mountains plateau.

We welcome you to join us on either a small group tour or private tour from Sydney out to this natural wonderland of the  Blue Mountains just an hour and a half from Sydney.





A tour report from  guide Lindsay of our:

National Park – Northern Beaches – City Luxury Charter

This truly is a Amazing part of Sydney.

The 15000 ha/37,000 acres Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is home to around 1,500 pieces of Aboriginal Rock Art.It is the largest concentration of Indigenous Art in Australia,eclipsing Kakadu which has about 5000 Sites but over a much larger land mass.

On this charter tour we visited these amazing Petroglyphs ( Aboriginal Engravings)  They are between 7000 to 10,000 years old.

As luck would have it a group were blessing their Guitars.

Wonderful Timing.They retail for about $5000 each.

Very happy guests enjoyed the serendipity on this private charter