Next generation make it an AEA Luxury Tours family affair

The gentleman who launched AEA Luxury Tours is Don Rosenfeldt. Don is originally from Auckland, New Zealand but came to the golden shores of Sydney in the early 1990s with a keen interest in outdoors life. He worked in a scuba diving business and then, in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, realised an opportunity to start a tour company taking tours from Sydney to the spectacular harbour, beach and bush locations around the city in minibuses and luxury vehicles.

When he started Australian Eco Adventures (as it was known in the beginning) he was just a few years into the parenthood roller coaster of twin boys – Tyler and Dane. He will be the first to tell you that is hands were very full!!

Now almost 30 years later Dane and Tyler are returning the favour, in a word, for the fact that they are both now gainfully employed by the company and running different aspects of the business while Don gradually takes steps away from the day to day operations of AEA Luxury Tours and Mount ‘n Beach Safaris, as we are now known.

Dane has been with us now for nearly 3 years – he’s been doing an outstanding job on the road running our high-end tours. Plus, he’s been assisting the team managing the upkeep of vehicles.

It was only this week that AEA Luxury Tours welcomed Dane’s twin, Tyler, into the company. Tyler comes out of a 12-year stint with a local vehicle service business where he bought a significant slice of that company over time. When he mentioned that he’d had enough of fixing greasy engines full-time Don made him an offer he really had to accept – to become a driver guide and in-house fleet mechanic.

Tyler brings with him his mechanical, auto air and electrical certificates and licences and 1 – 2 days per week he will continue to service our fleet on site in our premises.

A statement from Don on this momentous moment of the next generation coming into the fold:

“As a father, it’s an amazing experience to know that your sons want to be in the business I started almost 30 years ago. In time they will take full responsibility of the company and continue to provide the highest standards of luxury touring in Sydney.”

We welcome the brothers-in-arms to infuse that much more of a genuine family authenticity to this Sydney Tourism success story.



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