One small step by a Sydney tour company, encouraging a giant leap for mankind – reusable plastic water bottles

We, AEA Luxury Tours, are only a drop in the ocean of tour companies across the world. However, under the leadership of our director Don Rosenfeldt we have taken a small step which we believe will help encourage other bigger players in the tour operation game to make steps toward a change in behaviour.

For the 27 years we have been operating, we have seen the trend of single use plastic water bottles take over society. Due to the practical nature of single use plastic water bottles we have been offering them to our guests on tours for quite some time.

We have now made steps to change this. From October 2018 we will be offering all of our guests a reusable plastic water bottle with our logo as a reminder of their wonderful experience with us on a Sydney, Blue Mountains or Hunter Valley small group tour or private tour. So, it’s an environmental exercise and a branding exercise all wrapped up in the one movement.

This is a costly decision for a small touring operation such as ours, which cuts into our profit margin. However, the alternative of continuing to offer single use plastic bottles maintains that we are a guilty party in the action of plastic killing our oceans. Plastic is ending up as chemicals in our food due to fish and other animals eating plastic unintended for their consumption.

A comment from Don on the step we have taken:

“Plastic is a problem of my generation – I feel a responsibility to at least play a small part in changing and fixing the problem. Reusable water bottles are the strongest environmental message we can send to our industry and those we carry on tour”.

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