Charity Works

Helping to Change the world and Improve Lives.

Since 2013 our small family-owned company has supported both local Australian and International people in need.  Apart from many small contributions, our major impacts have been in aiding Cancer Research in Australia and Health and Child Care and Education in Cambodia.

Sustainability Milestones:

Sustainable Bottled Water 

AEA Luxury Tours aspires to helping make the world clear and healthier by moving away from single use plastics.  Our tours provide Just Water to our clients. JUST was inspired by a young man’s quest to do better. While learning to surf, a ten-year-old Jaden Smith saw a plastic bottle floating next to him in the water. Unable to shake the image of plastic polluting the Pacific, he decided to do something. What began as an introduction to the impact humans have on the environment became a Smith family obsession to do good. 88% of the materials used to make the cartons start out as plants—trees for the paper, sugarcane for the cap and shoulder. Plants pull carbon out of the air as they grow, and they can be replanted. They’re renewable! And it’s because of the plants that the carton creates up to 74% less carbon emissions than similarly sized plastic bottles. Help us make the world cleaner and healthier, one carton at a time.

Converting Plastics to Concrete Blocks

AEA Luxury Tours Owner and Managing Director Don Rosenfeldt worked with heads of communes in a remote area of Cambodia to develop a system to recover and repurpose unusable waste plastics.  Firstly, building and funding a factory complex, waste plastic is shredded and introduced as a material inclusion to make concrete blocks. A very simple and easily usable solution for rural Cambodia. The blocks are very strong and have proved themselves the building of homes in underdeveloped communities. 

Charitable Works and Ongoing Support:

2023 Onwards – AEA Luxury Tours is currently funding the building of a school and teacher accommodation in a new development area outside Siem Reap. About 10,000 disadvantaged families are being relocated there and we aim to assist the young by providing teaching in English and Computer skills. The school is due to be completed by end June 2023. Once completed, AEA Luxury Tours is committed to providing ongoing support for the facility by providing funding to ensure

  • a) all students receive a nourishing daily meal,
  • b) the necessary equipment is provided for the school and
  • c) funding for Staff Wages. 


During Covid and initially on our own then subsequently with the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh, AEA Luxury Tours raised money to deliver food for over 120,000 meals to impoverished people in remote areas. These people had lost jobs and support due to closing of school, tourism and garment industries.

2016 – 2019. Fundraising and directly funding with joint donations exceeding US$100,000 to build an educational facility south of Phnom Penh resulting in the building of a 7-classroom facility, an accommodation building for staff and accommodation for visiting helpers.

Cancer Research – AEA Luxury Tours donates to the Australian Cancer Council