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The minute you join us on tour, you’re a friend. Our guides are excited to share their great stories with you as we create new stories together.
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Part of luxury is making your trip a pleasure. That’s why we keep our groups small and do everything possible to avoid over-crowded destinations.

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From our custom Mercedes sprinter vans to our focus on making your trip special, everything we do promotes exceptional comfort and enjoyment.

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Shared Tours

Nowadays, it’s getting harder to just get out and self-drive for a fun weekend away. Between rising traffic, limited reservations, and constantly changing health guidelines—there’s lots that could ruin a spontaneous weekend or extended getaway.

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Rachel M
Rachel M
March 15, 2024
Excellent overview of Australian Wildlife and Nature We had a wonderful time on this tour! It was a great way to see some of the beautiful wildlife and scenery outside of Sydney, especially since we had limited time. The weather was a bit overcast and rainy, but we still got to enjoy many of the sights. Helder was an excellent tour guide! He kept everyone engaged throughout with details about the sights, historical information about Australia, and local recommendations. He also did a great job offering alternate options when the weather shortened some of our stops.
Cate P
Cate P
March 3, 2024
Full Sydney Experience Nigel was excellent tour guide. Enjoyed being on the water and seeing Sydney from a different perspective. Only suggestion - boat greeters need to pay attention and communicate more clearly when participants are boarding the ship. A few people tripped and could have taken a tumble
Kristi C
Kristi C
February 17, 2024
Touring Sydney with Sam We were only in Sydney for a couple of days, so we wanted to see/do as much as we could in our short time. Our tour guide Sam J. Was just what we needed to get a taste (history, sights, culture, etc.) of Sydney. Sam took us all around Sydney, giving us the best vantage points for photos, showing us interesting historical sites and even brought sone Australian foods (ex. Lychees) for us to sample. Sam was fun, engaging, and informative. We have to give him the highest was one of the best tours we’ve been on.
February 7, 2024
Nice day Enjoyed the day. The farm was nice and got up-close to koala bear and fed the kangaroo. Wish we had spent more time a the botanical gardens. The stops were short and maybe once less stop so longer at the stops.
February 5, 2024
Wonderful day in the Hunter Valley We had a wonderful day with Nigel. He was clever, a great conversationalist and took us to wonderful wineries that were off the beaten path. He knew about some very unique wineries and was acquainted with most of the people doing our tasting so that we got special treatment most places we went. He was a good driver, gave some interesting background. I would recommend this tour, but especially if you can request Nigel.
January 31, 2024
Great way to see Sydney in a short period of time Our guide was Steve and we took the morning tour. Steve was an amazing guide - he was super knowledgeable, friendly, lively, humorous and answered all our questions. We got a good feel of the city in a short period of time. We stopped at Mrs. Macquarie’s chair where we got great view of Sydney harbor and Opera House. Then we stopped at Bondi Beach and 1 other spot. Steve was very flexible and made sure all guests were dropped off where they wanted on the way.

Luxury Single Tour

From beautiful beaches and spectacular national parks to historic towns and luscious wineries, our very own New South Wales is teeming with unique things to do.

Experience Custom Tours

Just drop us a note with a few thoughts on what you’re hoping to do and we can get to work crafting an exceptional day trip designed just for you.

About Us

Established in 1991, AEA Luxury Tours offers premium guided tours across New South Wales and other regions of Australia. With over three decades of operation, our company has grown to be a leading provider of luxury tours, connecting travellers with Australia’s natural wonders and cultural heritage. Our team comprises experienced guides passionate about delivering a deep and enriching travel experience. Each tour is conducted in high-end Mercedes Sprinter vans, ensuring maximum comfort as you explore Australia’s iconic landscapes and hidden gems. From the vibrant streets of Sydney to the tranquil settings of the Blue Mountains, each journey with AEA Luxury Tours is thoughtfully planned to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this spectacular country.

Why Choose AEA Luxury Tours

When selecting a luxury tour provider in Australia, several factors make AEA Luxury Tours the preferred option:

Experienced Guides: Our guides are selected for their deep local knowledge and ability to convey engaging stories and facts about the destinations. They do their best to create a welcoming atmosphere where all questions are encouraged and every landmark has a story.

Luxury Transportation: We use specially outfitted Mercedes vehicles for all tours. These vehicles are chosen for their reliability and comfort, equipped with luxury seating and climate control to ensure your travel is pleasant, regardless of the weather.

Comprehensive Itineraries: Each tour itinerary is carefully planned to cover well-known attractions and lesser-known locales that offer a unique glimpse into local life. Our routes are designed to avoid the usual crowds, ensuring a more relaxed and intimate experience.

Commitment to Quality: We focus on quality in every aspect of your tour, from the initial booking process to the final day. We strive to ensure that your experience is seamless and fulfilling.


Our Luxury Tour Destinations

Explore Australia’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage through our luxury tour destinations. Each destination is selected to offer a unique view of the nation’s vibrant culture and stunning natural environments. Our carefully planned routes ensure that guests experience the essential elements of each area, from dynamic urban centres to peaceful natural settings.


Luxury Tours Sydney

Experience Australia’s largest and most iconic city’s dynamic atmosphere with our luxury tours in Sydney. These tours thoroughly explore the city’s well-known and hidden aspects, offering insights into its historical foundations and contemporary lifestyle.


See the Sydney Sights

Enjoy a full-day tour that combines Sydney’s urban highlights with its beautiful coastal scenery:

Sydney Opera House: Begin at this iconic architectural landmark on the harbour.

Royal Botanic Garden: Wander through diverse plant collections and enjoy peaceful city views.

The Historic Rocks District: Explore Sydney’s colonial history along cobblestoned streets.

Sydney Harbour Bridge: Take panoramic views from this stunning steel arch bridge.

Morning Tea at Warriewood Headland: Relax with scenic ocean views.

Long Reef Headland Walk: Experience breathtaking coastal landscapes.

Lunch at Dee Why Beach: Enjoy the lively beach atmosphere and tasty cuisine.

4 Pines Brewery Tasting: Sample local craft beers.

Manly Beach Esplanade Walk: Finish the day with a seaside stroll, perfect for sunset views.

This streamlined itinerary offers a blend of cultural landmarks and relaxing coastal experiences designed to showcase the best of Sydney in a single day.


Luxury Tours from Sydney: Coastal and Cultural Delights

Continue your luxury tours from Sydney with additional highlights of Sydney’s surroundings and cultural richness:

Coastal Walks: Enjoy the serene beauty of Sydney’s coastline. Experience breathtaking views and the refreshing ocean breeze, ideal for those looking to connect with Sydney’s natural coastal beauty.

Cultural Tours: Explore the local arts scene with visits to regional galleries and museums, showcasing aboriginal and contemporary Australian art.

Heritage Towns: Explore nearby towns rich in history, where colonial and indigenous heritage is beautifully preserved in architecture and local festivals.

This portion of the tour seamlessly extends the urban experience into the vibrant cultural and natural landscapes around Sydney, offering an enriching exploration that complements the city’s sights. Ideal for enthusiasts of nature, art, and history, this itinerary deepens the connection with Sydney’s diverse offerings.


Luxury Tours Blue Mountains

Discover the Blue Mountains, a spectacular region known for its rugged cliffs, dense eucalypt forests, and stunning waterfalls. This area, located a short drive from Sydney, offers a tranquil escape from city life, providing a chance to engage with nature through various activities. Each tour of the Blue Mountains is designed to showcase the beauty and tranquillity of this UNESCO World Heritage site.


Private Blue Mountain Tours

Our Private Blue Mountain Tours offer an intimate experience of this magnificent landscape. These tours include:

Scenic Lookouts: Visit some of the region’s most breathtaking viewpoints, including Echo Point, which offers you a chance to sight the famous Three Sisters rock formation.

Guided Bushwalks: Explore the area’s rich biodiversity by walking through ancient rainforests and rugged bushland. These walks cater to various fitness levels and interests.

Local Wildlife Encounters: Spot native Australian wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, and abundant bird species in their natural environment, enhancing your connection to this unique ecosystem.


Wildlife and Wilderness Exclusive Experience

For those looking for a deeper exploration of the Blue Mountains’ natural environment, our Wildlife and Wilderness Exclusive Experience provides a comprehensive adventure. Highlights of this experience include:

Guided Tours of Remote Trails: Traverse lesser-known paths guided by experts who provide insights into the ecological and cultural significance of the areas you visit.

Native Wildlife Observations: Engage in observation activities, allowing close encounters with native species without disturbing their natural habitats.

Secluded Waterfalls and Stunning Viewpoints: Discover hidden waterfalls and spectacular scenic spots off the beaten path, offering moments of solitude and breathtaking beauty.


Luxury Tours Hunter Valley

Explore the Hunter Valley, a premier destination for wine enthusiasts and food lovers. Known for its fertile lands and historic vineyards, this region offers a captivating blend of culinary excellence and viticulture. Our luxury tours provide a comprehensive introduction to the area’s wine-making heritage and its thriving gourmet culture. Participants will experience the region’s scenic beauty while indulging in some of Australia’s finest wines and local produce.


Hunter Valley Gourmet and Wine Connoisseur Tour

Our Hunter Valley Gourmet and Wine Connoisseur Tour is designed for those who appreciate the finer aspects of wine and dining. This tour is meticulously planned to ensure guests receive an immersive experience with gourmet food and exceptional wines. 

Key features of the tour include:

Wine Tasting at Premium Vineyards: Visit several of Hunter Valley’s esteemed vineyards, where you will taste various wines. Vintners host these sessions and provide valuable talks about the wine-making process and the different characteristics of each wine.

Gourmet Dining Experiences: Enjoy meals prepared by top chefs who use local ingredients to create dishes that complement the wines served. Dining locations are carefully chosen to provide beautiful views of the vineyards and surrounding landscapes.

Exclusive Cellar Door Experiences: Take private tours of select vineyard cellars to see the wine’s ageing process firsthand.


Client Testimonials and Reviews

Our client testimonials showcase the exceptional experiences and satisfaction of travellers who have joined our luxury tours across Australia. They highlight the impeccable quality and service provided during their journeys. They also reflect our commitment to luxurious experiences for each guest, emphasising the beauty and diversity of Australia’s natural and urban environments.


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